Craft beer sampler is now available at Bespoke Hair.

The first outing to fill the new growler was to Barebottle Brewing Co. in Bernal Heights. It’s a great open, lively space. Their brewing focus is innovative beers inspired by the San Francisco Bay Area using local ingredients wherever possible. The recommendation came from Kate — craft beer aficionado, my dear friend and Bespoke Hair patron. I myself am more of a whiskey drinker. So, I’ll be relying on guidance from Kate for all things craft beer.

Still being winter, she recommended we lean more to heartier options for the first Bespoke Hair craft beer sampler. We tried 7 different brews – mostly ales, a couple of IPAs, plus a porter, a stout. Kate’s beer suggestions were spot on. All were interesting and worthy of a Sunday afternoon tasting. However, the Any Beans Necessary – Golden Ale w/Coffee stood out. Not too heavy and very smooth, with a subtle coffee finish… perfect for late winter in the Bay Area.

Thanks Kate!!!

Samples of Any Beans Ale are available at Bespoke Hair until the growler runs dry.